I've been described as...
A Walking Triple Double
I am a multi-disciplinary creative based in sunny Houston, Texas. I manage and contribute hands-on skills to the development of digital marketing work including Art Direction for Video, Motion,and Graphic Design, User Experience Design, SEO, Google Analytics, and PPC campaigns. I research, design, prototype, build, and experiment using my skills and creativity to bring a cross-platform project from start to finish.

Since 2009, I've had the opportunity to partner with leading companies like Firstline, Permatex, BP, and WalMart to design collateral, develop web experiences, and solve marketing problems. When I find the time I occasionally invest in my own ideas.

I believe in making self-sustaining, purposeful design decisions. I tend to build projects from scratch, for products that I want to see exist in this world. As a users myself, I care deeply about the user experience and building solutions that will last.
As a creative I enjoy blurring the lines of design and development, and encourage cross-disciplinary collaboration as much as possible.

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